3. Activate your Battledog.

All battledogs need to be activated before any gameable functions will work. Unlike minting, the fee associated with this action as well as with all the other gameable functions, will be in ARB tokens.

This is a little mechanized object on the right menu option of the dapp. You can't miss it!

The associated fee for activating a Battledog will be set at two dollars ($2) in ARB tokens, but ultimately this decision is left to the Battledog DAO to determine what is the best price for activating one's battledog to begin gameplay.

10% percent of this fee is burnt forever while the rest is kept in the smart contract reserve.

This a prerequisite to play otherwise your Activate transaction will fail. This fee is taken from the aidoge in your wallet.

Note: You can activate a Battledog NFT many times. To unlock higher activation tiers, you would be required to burn more ARB tokens. Each activation tier requires and charges 5 wins per tier up. Each tier up allows you to mine aigame tokens faster than players of lower tiers. In summary, higher tier levels mine more aigame tokens per gaming activity.

For Activating Up, 100% of your last 5 wins is the cost required.

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